Beautiful Chaos ❤️

Beautiful Chaos ❤️

Ghaziabad / Friends ❤️ Neymar ❤️ Messi ❤️ Keeping it real since 29.05.2000 😁 Single and happy 😘 Haters idgaf xD
Beautiful Chaos ❤️
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Before I die, I want to...

I pinned this to my bucket list a long time ago but now I live in Boston! I am loving it so far :D

she was beauty and chaos intertwined. a tornado of roses from divine.

"She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine" -Shakieb Orgunwall

Erin Van Vuren - I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild.

across from you.

Love quote idea - "I still haven't figured out how to sit across from you, and not be madly in love with everything you do. actually I sit next to you, never across from you! William C. Hannan Courtesy of YourTango

gorgeous chaos.

She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos. You can see it in her eyes. Pasted smile, nervous laugh, a tangled web of truth and lies. Her once concieded thoughts wander through life and death and wander through regrets past time {.

she had a mind like a box of fireworks and hands that played recklessly with matches