Give me strength when I'm standing and Faith when I fall. seriously in love with this.. Wise words of Kip Moore.. Deff want this tattoo

Give me strength when I’m standing and Faith when I fall. seriously in love with this. Font size and idea.

don't forget to love yourself.

tattoo word tattoo small tattoo shoulder tattoo ideas text back-don't forget to love yourself

I love the location

Moi, je ne regrette rien (Me, I regret nothing.) Only error is it should be, "Moi, je ne regrette pas rien.

let go

Tattoo: letting go love the placement. Change the kite to two birds flying twards the sun with flourish flight pattern and dates in flight pattern.

The 7 Chakras - from top to bottom 1) feeling grounded 2) acceptance of change and others 3) confidence 4) love 5) communication 6) wise decision making 7) spirituality

Love this as a vertical spine tattoo. The 7 Chakras - from bottom to top: feeling grounded [red] acceptance of change and others [orange] confidence [yellow] love [green] communication [blue] wise decision making [indigo] spirituality [pink]


30 Best Love Tattoo Designs

Would LOVE with something other than the.cross since I'm not religiousFaith Hope Love tattoo.may want a different icon for hope?

couple tattoos -

Footprint And Handprint Tattoo Design For Men On Sleeve, footprints tattoo, baby footprint tattoo designs


Festival Fashion: Weekend One

"wild hearts can't be broken" festival fashion at coachella. I love the Wild hearts can't be broken movie!

tattoo pain rating

Tattoo pain rating chart from Inked Magazine. who exactly made this up cause according to this my "five star" tattoos should have had me "passed out or crying" where i was laughing and watching movies

honesty is key

"Honesty is key". I have this thing for keys and I really believe that the key to anything real is honesty, so it's just amazing. I'm sorry to whoever I copy, which isn't my style.