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Two Republican Leaders Make the Same Dire Prediction: The Caliphate Is Coming to America - Tea Party Command Center

CAIR - Council on American Islamic Relations - caliphate takeover sedition - muslim brotherhood propaganda arm of lies and deceptions

Islam. Ah yes the religion of cute fluffy bunnies, butterflies, puppies and kittens playing happily together........YEAH RIGHT!

Penns Valley Area seventh-grade students in teacher Mike Durn’s (photo right) history class was asked to do a video project about Muhammad and the Islamic religion. Depicting the prophet Muha…

FACTS about the heathen cult called #Islam All its #libtard protectors should b subjected to its beliefs #PJNET

Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. These news reports never mention female genital mutilation’s justification in Islamic law, always painting it as a cultural practice.

Honor mutilations of muslim women~ Read the article it is a real eye opener to what is considered normal for muslim women.

This is the face of sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. YOUR government (under Obama) gives money to the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop closing your eyes to this. Demand that the government stop funding the Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Man Beats Wife, Drags Her Body with Car as his Children Watch (Dearborn, MI)

Obama's "religion of peace," now spreading its tentacles in America thanks to him! Muslim Man Beats Wife, Drags Her Body with Car as his Children Watch (Dearborn, MI)

Divine Deception Article Redesign-13-FINAL-NOPIX.indd

Islam and the Divine Deception. I'm British, so please forgive my semi-informed statement: I'm sure some of the boxes below Christianity should say "yes" if the Republican party had its own way?

I don't believe I've ever seen a Christian, a Jew, a Pagan, a Hindu, a Buddist, or anyone else except a Muslim proudly holding a decapitated head.

In Nazi Germany, in France during the French Rebellion, in Europe during the Middle Ages, throughout most of Biblical history. It's not new or specific to one religion.

Yes and how many of the so called children are 17 and 18.

Brave new world government essay topic Thesis Statement / Essay Topic “Community, Identity, Stability" in Huxley's Brave New World. In the first line of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the reader learns the tri-partite pillars upon which World State is.

We have ISIS loyalists gunning down innocent French and American citizens. We have a President sending his Attorney General out to warn Americans to stifle.

In every country with a Muslim majority, there are NO minority rights. In fact, there are NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS !!! ***TOTALITARIAN ISLAMISTS***

In every country with a Muslim majority, there are NO minority rights. Will we finally care when our grandbabies suffer the burden of of this future?

THIS IS ISLAM: MUSLIM FATHER KILLS HIS DAUGHTERS FOR DISHONORING THE FAMILY NAME........ 6 years after double murder in Irving, Texas. Killed by Muslim father....honor killing.

Texas: Muslim Egyptian father accused of honor killing 2 daughters. 6 years after double murder in Irving, victims' family hopes for truth

offensive, crude, rude and funny

Truth: by opposing the importation of real "rape culture", I'm more of a feminist than any virtue-signalling Western woman who proudly welcomes male migrants from islamic countries in the name of diversity!