Cob Interior

I have been in this cob home. It's super comfy-cozy. To learn how to build and live sustainably, check out Ianto Evans book, The Hand-Sculpted House.

fireplace placement

Just my style of an interior adobe home. - Home Decor

cob oven

City Farmer Sculpted Cob Oven by The Green Lane - oven, bench, sculpture

beehive cob oven with bench

I would love to have this by my garden or in my garden :) Santa Rosa Market Beehive Oven

This is a serpent cob oven whose tail stretches across San Marcos Sierra, Argentina forming a cob bench decorated in mosaics along the spine of its back. It's the work of Shamballa Permaculture [] who are currently building a house using adobe, thatch, bamboo, cob, wood, and stone and would love visitors to help out.

Pizza oven dragon, smoke could come out of it's nostrils!

This is a cob & adobe rocket stove with integral heated bench by Earthen Shelter...they were kind enough to post a full step-by-step photo album that you can see at:

How To Build Rocket Mass Heaters / Stoves *in a yurt*

I love the kitchen in this house

Laughing House in Coquille, Oregon. Built by my friends Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley (of Cob Cottage Company in Oregon) and their students/apprentices.

Outdoor cob oven inspiration

Homestead Survivalist: Benefits Of Living Off The Grid. I would like my firepit/outdoor oven to be like a curled up dragon.

Cob benches - some of these are crazy

Cob benches - some of these are crazy


An amazing job of burnishing

love this

trees and cob, cob and trees.