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Last night I had a dream where Peggy Schuyler was stalking me and I blame it on this picture

Peggy died young, which is why she wasn't in the second act. She was dead when this scene took place.

Sits quietly in corner *i shall be your son* Aren't you a girl? *shhhhhhhhhhh*

Hamilton and Washington - Ham and Gwash - being adorable - I`M NIOT YOUR SON - Ha boy you so are - look at alex` face it`s gorgeous - happy father`s day yàll :) - (i know it`s not even father`s day but shhh)

i feel kinda bad for Samuel seabury tbh

i feel kinda bad for Samuel seabury tbh<<<they were legit historically not friends tho

The 46 Songs From The 'Hamilton' Soundtrack Are Now Illustrated

My “Ten Duel Commandments” illustration for the amazing booklet put together for the cast of Hamilton! 45 artists illustrating 46 songs from the Hamilton musical. If you.

Angelicaaa, Eliiiza, and HERCULES MULLIGAN

the beautiful schuyler sisters<<isnt that from that omne Schulyer sisters video where it only shows a bit of the song or am i wrong

L I T E R A L L Y.

This is pretty much the Reynolds pamphlet in a summery <<< more like the entire musical in a summary

Love this tee @voxpop. Get your t-shirt on

Love this tee @voxpop. Get your t-shirt on