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Parashurama Parashurama was the most fearsome warrior in Indian mythology. His name was originally Rama but his weilding of the parashu(axe) gave him t. Bhaargava-The axe warrior

Divine Couple by mmmmmr

Kapalika means bearer of the skull-bowl. As penance for cutting off one of the heads of Brahma,Shiva became an outcast and a beggar, and unable to remove the skull of Brahma fastened to his hand.

Angel Baby

"In memory of all the precious little angels I've known who have entered the gates of Heaven far too soon, but who blessed my life with the light of their presence and the beauty and wisdom of their amazing little spirits.

Shiv and shakti

Shiva and Shakti. "Life becomes complete by the coalescing of the contraries. The cosmic union of Shiva and Shakti is the powerful conjoining of complementing forces; which leads to the wholeness within our Universe.