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Prayers world help thousands of people around the world and give tips, how to pray according to God's will. Get collection of important prayers for strength, he
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It’s one of the very hardest things in the world for most of us to do – Forgive. Yet, Jesus commands us to forgive others, and not on.

In a young Charles Spurgeon preached his Christmas Eve sermon on Isaiah Using Spurgeon’s words from that sermon, an original score and a collection of animated paintings, this Christmas video illustrates the wonder of the ages, God with us.

Prayers for healing and stregnth - Cure Sickness or Disease

Yes thank you also for the hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires that bring so much death & destruction ! So many christians in denial of Reality with their 'La La Land' mentality !

Childrens prayers builds up a happy child and teaches them value of life and makes them believe in good things and be hopeful.

Courage sometimes skips a generation, thank you for bringing it back to our family. You are kind You are smart You are important ~The Help~

Prayers for Guidance, Protection and Direction - Prayers World

Find prayers for family health, protection and guidance with all the devotion rhymes which make hopeful. Start pray for the best things to our family members.

We pray to God for infinite things but often forget to thank Him for all that He has given us. Thanksgiving prayers is chance to be thankful to the Lord.

Prayers for peace bring to the hearts of every individual who in himself/herself is fighting their own battles and are lost in the ways.