I need someone to tweet me!

update: 5 year old has found her dream job, competes with jerry he is sooo cute

Black history

Watching Chris Rock host the Oscars this is all I could think about.

Street Fighter

Serious fan-film about the Street Fighter franchise. They also started a kickstarter to fund a movie. These guys are keeping it as close as possible to the true origins of the fighters. This is a great time for indy film makers.

It gets me every time

Ballerinas can fart too, you know! I just LOVE this little girl! She is my hero! I predict she will crush many strereotypes in her lifetime:) RESTOREYOURHOPE.

CM Punk... like?

Cm Punk I´m thinking!


They are always making very good videos!


The latest from Social Media Week gives us a look at hipsters in the future. It's February 2062 and elderly hipsters share their thoughts of the good old days of social media.

enjoy it

and I'm a DC: Captain America and Green Lantern