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Your Pregnancy Journey

Your Pregnancy Journey

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The pregnant gal's guide to wintertime exercise! Stay focused on those important "end goals" -- easier labor, shorter delivery times, and faster recovery postpartum.

Learn What to Expect: When the Baby's Crowning! Soon you'll be snuggling (& sharing sweet yawns!)

What has been your strangest dream during pregnancy? Dreams During Pregnancy -- The Weird, Wacky and Wild!

Support is key to breastfeeding success!

Prenatal yoga can help you throughout your pregnancy, labor & beyond!

Make breast self exams a part of your monthly routine! Learn what to look for, the best time & more!

Eight Reasons Sex is a Must-do During Pregnancy!

You want the very best for your baby - especially when it comes to a safe nursery!

Second trimester tips to look good and feel great! (Any to add?)

Congrats on your new pregnancy! First Trimester Changes -- What's Happening to You and Baby?

Which birthing option is right for you?

Newborn nursery checklist! What were (are!) your must haves?

Top Ten Signs You Might Be Pregnant!

Enjoy the arrival of Autumn temps with our pregnant gal's guide to fall safety and comfort!

Alcohol and Pregnancy: What You Should Know! During pregnancy, there is no known 'safe' amount of alcohol.

What pregnancy 'perk' have you enjoyed most? Add yours to our list!

Postpartum Nutrition for the New Mom! Now that babe has arrived don't ignore your own health needs!

Birthing choices -- what are your real options?

Look forward to deploying these 2nd trimester tips to look good and feel great!

Oh Those Raging Hormones! Feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster?

Breastfeeding -- Starting Out Right!

First Trimester Changes -- What's Happening to You and Baby?

Tips for those 'in-between' weeks of pregnancy - regular clothes tight; not big enough for maternity wear!

*This* type of exercise should be on all women's 'to-do' list! Exercise Tip: Kegels Can Improve More Than Your Sex Life!

Travel plans for two? We have your trimester by trimester travel guide!