Science center activities and ideas for your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom. How to set up a fun, hands-on, engaging science center. Ideas for stocking your science center with inexpensive, DIY materials. Visit me at for more inspiration for early education!
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This Kitchen Science Kit for Kids is our easy solution for keeping everything we might need in one easy to reach place.

Kitchen Science Kit for Kids

Learning About 5 Senses Activity Preschool Science

5 senses Activity Preschool Learning About Senses Science

Letter Sounds Activity Sensory Play. Ice science melt science and alphabet activity for preschool.

Letter Sounds Activity Sensory Play | Little Bins for Little Hands

Kids science activities and projects [ ]

12 Ways to Integrate Science and Art - The Art Curator for Kids

Does your preschooler want to be a princess or a super hero when they grow up? It's not surprising when that's what they are most exposed to from the fairy tales they read to the cartoons they watch. What if you exposed them to Start Engineering's books

Take Your Child to Work Day: Engineering Careers ⋆ Playground Parkbench

This peg doll boat craft provides hours of learning fun. These boats can be made with or without the peg doll. Experiment with different numbers of craft sticks, foam blocks, and items placed on top for a fun STEM activity for kids. They are fun to play w

Peg Doll Boat Craft - Rhythms of Play

Building Towers with Straws Challenge

Building with Straws | Simple Engineering Challenge for Kids - Lemon Lime Adventures

The Frog Life Cycle Activity

Frog Life Cycle Sensory Bin | Coffee Cups and Crayons

Fast Growing Seeds for Kids

Try these fast growing seeds if you're working with kids!

Science for Kids: Exploring Rocks. A fun, invitation to explore rocks in your science center for Preschool and Kindergarten. - Pre-K Pages

Science for Kids: Exploring Rocks - Pre-K Pages

Northern Lights with Kids through Art and Music

Exploring Northern Lights with Kids through Art and Music - The Educators' Spin On It

Learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math doesn't have to be expensive. Here is a MUST HAVE stem kit for every home and classroom.

Dollar Store STEM KIT - The Educators' Spin On It

Explore and Create: Science Art Projects

Explore and Create: Science Art Projects for Kids

Science for Kids: Exploring Volume. Fun ways for your pre-k or kindergarten kids to explore the concept of volume at home or in the classroom. Make learning science and math concepts fun and meaningful with hands-on activities. - Pre-K Pages

Science for Kids: Exploring Volume - Pre-K Pages

Exploring X-Rays on the Light Table: a simple Reggio provocation, plus a free printable checklist for Montessori Zoology

Zoology: Exploring X-Rays on the Light Table ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter

Make sure you have these nature study supplies around for your kids to use on their explorations into nature. Studying nature is one of the best ways to learn about the world we live in. When children are surrounded by nature they can't help but apply the scientific method. They begin to ask questions, observe, experiment, and learn - naturally. Nature Study | Earth Science for Kid's

Top 10 Nature Study Supplies - Rhythms of Play

pirate science, preschool pirate theme, kindergarten pirate theme, pirate science with kids, kids pirate science

Pirate Science FUN: Exploding Treasure Chests - Fun-A-Day!

Growing Plants Preschool Science Experiment

Science for Kids: Growing Plants Experiment - Pre-K Pages

Button STEM Activity Challenge for Kids. How high can you build your button tower?

Button STEM Activity Challenge for Kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar Science Experiment

Science for Kids: Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment | PreschoolSpot: Education | Teaching | Pre-K | Preschool | Early Childhood

EDUC 325: Students can build their own levers. Investigating Levers with Preschoolers by Munchkins and Moms

Investigating Levers with Preschoolers

Challenge your preschoolers spatial reasoning and problem solving skills with this STEM Challenge. Use a set of gear toys to create a gears game or puzzles to engage their preschool engineering skills. | STEM | STEAM | Preschool Engineering |

Gears Game for Preschoolers ⋆ Playground Parkbench

Tornado in a Bottle Science Activity | Stir the Wonder

Otis and the Tornado Science Activity - Stir The Wonder

Inspecting Pond Water is a great Natural Science activity for Preschoolers.

Inspecting Pond Water - Stir The Wonder

Inexpensive STEM ideas for kid

Inexpensive STEM Ideas for Kids STEM Activities