For when June and I cant communicate telepathically :)
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black and white

♫ ♪♪ I can hear mewsic ♫ ♪♪

Partners in Crime

Hahahha or I drink it!

ecards I have to laugh, even though my kids love Crocs and I wear their flip flops.

It's not our fault that we're awesome. And pretty. And awesome. | Friendship Ecard |


Having a job is the new raise.

Everyone's all like "I love my boyfriend" or "I love my girlfriend" and I'm just over here like "I love wine"...... | Weekend Ecard |

"Should I add more liquor?" is the most ridiculous question I've ever been asked. | Somewhat Topical Ecard |

Humorous sayings

You've seen me unshowered with no make-up and loved me anyway. Best Friends. | Friendship Ecard |

Your best friend is the one who sees a clearance shoe sale.... and calls you before some other crazy bitch can clear out the shoes in your size.

like right or left?

Same applies for us :)

I can totally imagine you say this to me :)

Thanks for always being there when I need to talk about how ugly some people are.

black cat, green eyes. Even though it is Wednesday I am still putting up black cats. I will never stop. Pure black cats are beautiful and lucky to me. The Incensewoman

we won’t judge you, frank.

junebiswas: The LaPerm Cat Breed is just like Poodles when it comes to people who are allergic to cats. This "Poodle Cat" has curly fur just like how Poodles do. The Baskir Curly Horses are also like Poodles. There is something about the curly fur of these animals that people who are allergic to those types of animals (cats, dogs, horses...) can tolerate a curly coated pet.

Nothing but Kitty CATS