Madison McGilberry

Madison McGilberry
Blogger . Gamer . Internet Addict . I'm Madi! I have a knack for gaming and Internet-ing. I love coffee a little more than I should, and cats. That's all!
Madison McGilberry
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I am a Disney kid. I have battled dragons and pirates and evil queens. I have wished on stars and flown to Wonderland. I dream impossible dreams. I have seen magic. I have watched elephants fly. I have never been afraid to reach for the sky. I believe in fairytales. I know love and goodness will always win. I am a Disney kid. #quote #love #young #child

I am Disney kid. I believe that there is a Neverland and fairies and mermaids. I am a Disney kid and I believe that anything is possible. I believe in the power if magic and friendship. I am a Disney kid

Oh, how fitting this is for me!  As long as I'm able, I'll always love Disney... and it'll always make me feel like a little girl again!

I love Disney animations movies even thought I am not a little kid anymore. I grew up loving Disney and I still do to this day.

Disney Toms. I want Beauty and the Beast ones, and the little mermaid, an possible the tangled pair..

Custom Hand-Painted Shoes: Disney Princesses - Okay I love how Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel have their princes and it's all romantic, and then there's Merida aka i want these!

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