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Five Thinking Games for Kids

Five Fun Thinking Games for Kids. Keep kids entertained without electronics. Imaginary Traveler, Fortunately/Unfortunately etc.

Instead of bachelor/bachelorette parties.....Bridal party Olympics!!! Bridesmaids vs groomsmen. Best party ever!!

Instead of bachelor/bachelorette parties: Bridal party Olympics with bridesmaids vs groomsmen. Best party idea ever!

Bra Pong ~  1 ball $2.00 3 balls $5.00  ;-) Sounds like a perfect Event for the next Co Ed Bachelor / Bachelorette Party to get the party started Woot Woot ! and to raise some spending money for the couples honeymoon..  Would be fun for a Poker Run fundraising event too.

relay for life!Creative- Bra Pong @ Relay for Life Three Rivers MI; This would be a great way to raise money the day of the relay!-this is Three Rivers, MI! Aunt Judi got one on there?

If only all bars care about you this much...

40 Funny and Creative Chalkboard Bar Signs, funny bar signs, funny chalkboard signs, funny bar chalkboards, funny pub signs

Great bachelorette party Idea! Was looking for something a little more classy but this looks kinda fun!

YEAH= Sure . like you are going to get a bunch of women lining up to race their toys . LOOK at mine. wow, Yours is bigger than mine - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Oh I really hope NOT !

Bailey's Comet | That's What We Said

Cinnamon sparkling in the flames! Bailey's Comet: Mix Bailey’s, Butterscotch Schnapps and Goldschläger together and pour into martini glass. Light the rum on fire and sprinkle with cinnamon. The cinnamon will sparkle in the flame!

Apple Pie on the Rocks

Apple Pie on the Rocks 1 oz. Organic Apple Juice Pinch of Ground Cinnamon Brown Sugar for the rim (Grind a little finer for more successful sugaring) Optional: Cinnamon Stick for Garnish Ice