I hate when I can't think of what to write in a card!

Knowing what to write in a card can be especially difficult for some people and in some situations. Don't spend too much time figuring out what to write in a greeting card. Use these greeting card messages to help write the best card message possible.

Never seen a glitter balloon before now, love it!

DIY, Glitter Balloons with glow stick inside Take a balloon Get some glitter and pour it into some balloons. Cut open glow sticks and pour the liquid in the balloon and shake it up for some glowing glitter!

A Color Guide For Designers @ Pinfographics

Psychology of Color: A Color Selection Guide for Designers Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the category. Check out Psychology of Color: A Color Selection Guide for Designers now!

Put a picture in a jar of olive oil. The oil preserves the picture and gives it a sepia tone. Plus a totally unique way of displaying pictures...Wedding Centerpiece Idea

Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers. Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers. Picture with olive oil in mason jars for table toppers.

so simple and fun... and can be done for any occasion

oreo on a stick Nom Nom Nom Oreos ON A STICK! Oreos on a stick food idea. Great for the office Birthday Party instead of cake!

how to make cake pops!

Cake pop mania is going strong! Cute cake on a stick. Made popular by baking genius Bakerella, cake pops are now everywhere, from every food b

#Leg Trees #tattoo #ink #girl tattoo

Tree Legs - Can't tell if these are tights or a tattoo, but they are cool looking. I hope they're tights so I can find them!

Paper Plate Weaving - Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum.

First steps in sewing: Paper Plate Weaving- can never start too young when teaching them things they will need to know when they are grown and on their own!


Paradise Light Rum Malibu Rum Blue Curacao Pineapple Juice Grenadine Combine all the ingredients together.

melting snowmen cookies - so cute!!!!

New Take on my favorite Melting Snowman Cookies! Chocolaty Melting Snowmen--get ready for holiday cookie exchanges! Frosty never looked better!

30 Shots – Infographic on http://www.bestinfographic.co.uk

30 Shots 30 different cocktail shot recipes, visualized into a handy infographic for all. For those very few times now that a shot is necessary.

Give your students a healthy, fun snack with a touch of winter!

No cooking involved but a great way to make eating fruit fun amidst all the sweet treats this Christmas – banana snowmen on a stick! Use pretzel sticks or alternatives

Best alcohol shots to order, and what's in them. Wish I'd had this last weekend ;) some of these sound good others I read the ingredients and I throw up a little in my mouth

Best Alcohol Shots to Order and Drink It's a bar/club ritual in our group of friends to shoot shots whenever we go out for a night of booze & fun. We caught ourselves always ordering the same shots everytime we went out.

Easy Holiday Treats - snowmen on a stick!

Snowmen on a stick : powdered donuts on a skewer, mike & ike's for nose & buttons, fruit roll up for scarf & black food color for eyes & mouth : Dukes and Duchesses: Snowmen for School ~ I know some kids that would just eat these up.

funny pranks

Funny pictures about Head in a jar. Oh, and cool pics about Head in a jar. Also, Head in a jar.