Almond paste recipe. "Not to be confused with marzipan, almond paste is a basic mixture of ground almonds, powdered sugar, egg white or glucose syrup and optionally a few drops of good quality almond extract." Great as a filling for cakes, almond croissants, etc.

Almond Paste — What the Fruitcake?!

Tutorial: How to make petal dust

Big Food

How to Color Sprinkles and Jimmies.

Banana Cupcake Recipe & Custom Colored Sprinkles

How to make MODELING CHOCOLATE with step-by-step pictures! Great for decorating cakes and cupcakes. This tastes so much better than fondant...just like tootsie rolls! From

Cake Whiz | How to make modeling chocolate

How to Make Almond Paste (NourishingJoy).

How to Make Almond Paste

you can make your own HOMEMADE sprinkles with nothing but sugar, egg whites, flavoring and a pinch of salt! AND you can make them any color your can imagine!

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How to dye coconut.

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How to make your own colored sprinkles.

MBC: How to- {color your own sprinkles}

How to make a shiny glaze for fondant.

Achieve a Glossy Finish, Come Rain or Shine!

Five-Minute Marzipan (Epicurious).

Five-Minute Marzipan Recipe |

Homemade almond paste ( Making almond paste is so simple and tastes fresher than any you can buy.

Almond Paste Recipe - - 15869

How to make edible metalic glitter (Lindy's Cakes). Gotta try this!

Making edible metallic glitter - a recipe

How to make semi-sweet modeling chocolate (Julia Usher). It's quick, easy, and much tastier than rolled fondant, especially if you use a high quality chocolate.

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How to make white modeling chocolate (Julia M Usher). Great because it can be tinted any color and tastes better than fondant.

White Modeling Chocolate | Julia Usher | Recipes for a Sweet Life

DIY homemade sprinkles (Juniper Cakery).

'Tutorial Tuesday': How to make your own sprinkles! -

The difference between modeling chocolate, fondant, and gumpaste.

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Homemade marzipan (dailydelicious).

dailydelicious: Home Made Marzipan

Amy's Confectionery Adventures: Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant.

Amy's Confectionery Adventures: Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant

Easy Modelling Chocolate Recipe and Tutorial (Cake Journal). "Modelling chocolate is quite similar to fondant but it tastes better, is easier to use and can be easily made at home in your microwave. Great for figurines, detail work, covering cupcakes and even flowers."

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How to make marzipan at home. Tips and tricks and four recipes.

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How to make your own sprinkles for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

How To Make Sprinkles for Cupcakes, Cookies & Cakes!

How to make modeling chocolate.

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How to make your own sugar pearls.

Beautiful pearls

Homemade rainbow sprinkles (iambaker). "Three ingredients....can be tinted any color...and it actually tastes good!"

Homemade Sprinkles

How to make your own consistent-sized fondant pearls.

Making Consistent Sized Fondant Pearls - Cake Decorating Corner