Lord please take my lactose intolerance away and send it to the black hole, never to stop me from eating my ice cream ever again, amen 🙏🏾.


My name is Leah, I'm 17 and from a little town in Ontario Canada. I like to see the best in people. I have seen evil in my life, but I'm trying to overcome my obstacles. Here's to being able to trust...

Pretzel Ice Cream and How to Make Choc-Tops! | The Sugar Hit

Pretzel Ice Cream & How to Make Choc-Tops

Golden Oreo Ice Cream

Golden Oreo Ice Cream

My favorite added part about this recipe was definitely the grilled corn. It gave the dip an added texture and smoky flavor.

chocOlate peanut butter crunch ice cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Ice Cream. If I didn't want to make ice cream from scratch I could still make the flavors by combining ice cream from the store