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Grow Avocados! So I know this is not a recipe but I really want to try and do this. Although 3-15 years is a long time to wait!

How to grow avocado plant from seed? Grow avocado from seed. How to grow avocado tree from an avocado pit. Time to grow avocado tree.

How to Deal With Household Pests

Tips and ideas for dealing with unwelcome household pests, including where to look, and how to prevent these pests from infesting your home and garden.

How to Repot a Plant

How to Repot a Plant

Repotting is essential for all container plants when they outgrow their current home. Learn how to repot a plant with this step-by-step visual guide.

20 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

With Christmas looming around the corner, we take a look at some creative ways to spread the festive cheer with 20 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations.

Backyard Birds From Around The World

For millions of Brits a garden is something to share – with family, friends and of course, birds. While you Continue Reading

How to Plant a Hanging Basket

How to Choose the Right Planter for Your Garden

How to Water Pot Plants

No plants will survive very long without good watering, and it's even more crucial for potted plants. Learn how to water pot plants with this infographic!

The Definitive Guide For Colourful Gardens All Year Round

Alternatives to box hedging

7 Great Alternatives to Box Hedging - the Primose blog

UK gardeners are forgoing box due to its susceptibility to disease, although this doesn't have to be a bad thing as there are great alternatives to box.

New Recycled Rubber Garden Products - the

Everything You Need to Know About Soil - the

How to Grow Plants Indoors

Why Crop Rotation is Essential For Any Gardener - the