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The rather depressing and tragic lives of a mining family in Wales is captured in How Green Was My Valley, which was eventually adapted as a beloved film starring Maureen O'Hara.


Before it was an essential piece of Hollywood history, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was a wildly popular novel about a Southern debutante during the Civil War.


The Good Earth (Oprah's Book Club) by Pearl S. Buck Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and Oprah Book Club selection about a vanished China and one family’s shifting fortunes.


Southern Books: Prince of Tides Filled with the vanishing beauty of the South Carolina low country as well as the dusty glitter of New York City, The Prince of Tides is PAT CONROY at his very best.


Danielle Steel has released at least one (but often more than one) juicy best-seller every year for the past forty years, but Secrets scored the distinction of being the biggest of


The top 10 "issue books": Selections guaranteed to open up a group to universal topics including everything from motherhood to mourning.


The most popular book the year you were born Love Story, the irresistible tale of a rich preppy boy and a smart aleck girl (who will get cancer) by Erich Segal, was the weepy journey that millions of people signed up for willingly.


Ira Levin's eerie novel Rosemary's Baby, about a woman who gives birth to the devil's baby, was later adapted to the similarly popular film starring Mia Farrow.


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