silmu: “ Wheedled my flatmate into cutting and dyeing my hair. I was kinda surprised how much I like my natural color too? I’ve had bottle colors for such a long time I’d kinda forgotten what it.

Top 15 Hairstyles you must see (don�t miss this)!

Top 15 Hairstyles you must see (don't miss this)!

I love her dreads. I am not getting any more, I've had two at the most, but I have one that I can show off when I want and hide when I want and I love it. Finding different beads is my favorite part - etsy is my favorite dread-bead friend !

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JHA 2012

Tadashi Harada (SHISEIDO) © Fashion Edge 2012 Japan Hairdresser of the year グランプリ incredible hair

Put strands of tinsel in hair for super unicorn hair!

Best Big Red Pink Ombre Hair Dye