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Marriage Quote by Martin Luther wooden sign NEW by bethborder one of my favorite quotes.

25 Verses To Pray Over Your Husband --- I believe that prayer is a vital part of a successful marriage, because you are inviting Christ into your marriage to shape each of you as He desires. It is not up to you to change and shape your husband, it is up to Christ, after all He knows so much bet… Read More Here #marriage #love

25 Verses To Pray Over Your Husband


Le Love: to love a person

Yes please! Wedding Videograpy Package

Enter to Win a Wedding Videography Package!

Are you a compatible couple? "Compatible" comes from the Latin "compati", meaning "to suffer with". If you are not willing to suffer with someone until death do you part, then you are not compatible. © Jason Evert

This is lovely. It's a shame so many focus on throwing this huge party and calling it a wedding, but don't actually think about or care about what comes after... and hence, quickly end up divorcing. Just throw a party if that's what you want - no vow exchanging necessary.

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What love does.

A great marriage doesn't JUST HAPPEN...

Home is wherever I'm with you.

18 Signs You're With the Man You Should Marry *Yes to all of them =))

18 Signs You're With the Man You Should Marry

Anniversary Journal

My Kids Eat Candy: Write of Passage

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I crave you. Love.


To Love Laughter and Happily Ever After koozie by cmeahan on Etsy... One of my favorite quotes. I do believe we are living up to this quote.

The only place I've ever felt safe is in his arms!!

Dr. Laura: Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Loved and Respected : I need to remember this for when Jerry and I get married :)

Dr. Laura: Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Loved and Respected
  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie

    Love this

The 18K White Gold Fleur Diamond Ring #BrilliantEarth

18K White Gold Fleur Diamond Ring (1/4 CT. TW.)

The Amery Ring #BrilliantEarth

Platinum The Amery Ring

The 2.5mm Quattro Wedding Ring #BrilliantEarth

18K White Gold 2.5mm Quattro Wedding Ring

12 Ways to Make Your Love and Marriage Last

12 Ways to Make Your Love & Marriage Last - Happy Wives Club

It's the best.

Whisper - Share Secrets, Express Yourself, Meet New People

Portraying a happy relationship online doesn't mean you actually have one. Your #relationship is much more (or less) than what's depicted online. Photos and updates, while fine to share, do not take the place of actual #work. Put down the phone and shut off the computer now and then (more often is preferable) and focus completely on your #partner. #Live in the moment. Make #memories just for the two of you. Worry more about enjoying time together and less about letting the online world know you're enjoying time together. Love is a verb - it's not a status update.

never forget this quote! Sometimes we're so excited to be with someone that we make excuses for behavior that we know deep down isn't right, if we're making excuses, it probably isn't the right relationship. xoxo

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