Natural history art prints by Kelsey Oseid #whales #sealife #nursery #ocean…

Artist Spotlight: Natural History Illustrations by Kelsey Oseid

"Creatures of the infraorder Cetacea," Art print of an illustration by Kelsey Oseid. This poster chronicles 30 amazing whales, dolphins, and porpoises from the taxonomic infraorder Cetacea. Printed in Minneapolis on acid free 80

S/S 2017 pattern & colors trends: UNDER THE SEA

S/S 2017 pattern & colors trends: UNDER THE SEA Whoop! Beautiful Abalone and Mother of Pearl colours and effects on fabric. Plus Coral colour schemes make for a modern mermaid.

ripple on the ocean floor

ripple on the ocean floor.I love standing in the water and feeling this under my feet

Colour palette idea

Nature's Artwork - multicoloured shells - natural pattern & texture source for sea-inspired design;

Small Octopus Stuffed Animal 0 Plush Toy 0 100% by BigStuffed

Small Octopus Stuffed Animal <0> Plush Toy <0> 100% Wool

Juguete de peluche hecho a mano: Pulpo - Hand crafted Plush toy Octopus Stuffed Animal by BigStuffed

Sharks-- This looks like some sort of executive strategy meeting... the VP's and the minions....

Sharks on the ocean floor.not a big fan of sharks but this is an awesome photo.


gentle wind sun kissed skin warmer weather life gets better ocean underwater sea depth blue water fresh salt waves crashing white horses force power struggle tide coast guard roar shore la Mer breaking wave sea calling mermaid