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Scary Clowns for my sister Dawn..LOL!

Scary Clowns for my sister Dawn..LOL!

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Creepy Clown

ephemera assemblyman: Vintage Circus Photos

Unfortunately, Princess Elsa was not available for Sophie's birthday party...

18 Random Funny Pics & Memes - Team Jimmy Joe

dandy mott, american horror story freak show

Twisty the Clown and Dandy's Mother

Make this scary mask! It's easier than it looks.

Creepy: I just helped a friend move into their apartment. The next day they found 37 clowns under their porch.

If I was around when these things looked like this, I'd be afraid if them, too. Luna Park Clowns, 1909.

Let me show you a game...

Bloody/psycho makeup | Sandra Holmbom

Bloody/psycho makeup | Sandra Holmbom

Clint Eastwood as the Joker #celebrity #photo

In this image I really like how the blood and the scalp are combined and looks really mangled and manky. It looks really effective and I think its a good way to make it look more zombie.

13 Unique Halloween Party Invitations This popcorn thing my be interesting with the Clown theme

I saw you staring from across the room.... you were unforgettable....

Just Run!

Very Demotivational

Clown heads on spikes. It would be cool to do just regular faces all bloody and stuff

Dear Quentin Tarantino, Your the film historian, how is it that Key Largo creates the same on the edge psycho tension as Pulp Fiction without all the gratuitous violence?

Clowns (Yikes!) Based on how clowns used to look you'd think they were supposed to scare children into behaving...

Happy Halloween........ by Danielle Tunstall, via Behance

Bloody Clown Photography

Clowns... I don't like them at all!!! I love horror and spooky shit but take me to a circus and I flip out!!

Bloody Bag of Jokes Spirit Halloween Exclusive - Maybe they'll laugh, maybe they'll scream! Only time will tell when you decorate your haunted house with this Bloody Bag of Jokes. This joke-filled animated decoration features a clown in a body bag that squirms and shakes in an attempt to break free. Complete with a infrared sensor and adapter, this prop is sure to send them screaming! Get yours now for only $169.99.

Bloody Bag of Jokes

Image detail for -New 2011 Jester Clown Zombie | Halloween Props| Haunted House Props ...

American Horror Story: Freak Show Is More Twisted Than Scary