Beautiful black and white shot of trees from below - unusual perspective

Frame the moon

The man holds a frame as an effect to put emphasis on the moon. Laurent Laveder is an astrophotographer likes to play games with the moon.

Robert Frank, U.S. 285, New Mexico , 1955

new mexico, 1955 robert frank/Of this photograph, Kerouac wrote: “Long shot of night road arrowing forlorn into immensities and flat of impossible-to-believe America in New Mexico under the prisoner’s moon.

Christophe Agou

angel on the subway.this is ironic, really, because in my book, Scarlett lives in New York and takes the subway all the time (Scarlett is an Angel)


"Psychotherapy" There are millions of these hospital, they did horrible things in them." The people should not be forgotten.

a seagull on a glass roof

Funny pictures about A seagull on the glass roof. Oh, and cool pics about A seagull on the glass roof. Also, A seagull on the glass roof photos.

the magic red door

themansiononthehill: limilee: Red Door, White Cross by Alice Attie (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

 the open road

For some reason this makes me think of life - endless horizon, going on forever.


cinema I really like going into new/old/different movie theaters. Seeing the same movie in different theaters makes the movie seem different as well.