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You can play King Kong with this miniature "city made of chocolate,”. A performance from the Chocolate exhibition at the new Design Sight space in Tokyo Chocolate City, Death By Chocolate, I Love Chocolate, Chocolate Heaven, Chocolate Lovers, Cocoa Chocolate, Japanese Chocolate, Chocolate Pictures, Chocolate Dreams

mmm. chocolate art.

SwissMiss points to a pretty cool exhibition in Tokyo where 30 designers created pieces using chocolate. Sounds delicious. I'm getting angst just thinking about a show of yummy chocolate that I have to look at, but can't touch. Or sample.

Print a functional armored boot - So eventually like the new "Lost in Space" you'll print your apparel on demand to accommodate the conditions you're in.

3D Print a Functional Armored Boot!

3D Print a Functional Armored Boot!: Create your own 3D printed armored boot! 1. Design in a 3D software based on your chosen themed armored boot. I used Maya 2012 student edition, or you could use something like Blender. Create joints based on the movement you would like the plates t…

dress at School of Art Institute of Chicago SAIC:Join the Printing Conversation:

A Summer of 3D Printing ‘Immediate Objects’ - 3D Printing Industry

A collaboration between the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Printrbot, Taulman 3D and Simplify 3D, resulted in a very successful summer of 3D printing for the incoming Master of Design students at SAIC.

Continuum Fashion: Users can customize print-to-order designs via website. Strvct, a shoe collection, uses innovative materials to create unique designs.

A Gallery of 3D Printed Shoes - 3D Printing Industry

3D Printed shoes gallery features work from Continuum, Marieka-Ratsma, Janina Alleyne, Luc Fusaro, Ping Fu and Volker Junior with Fashion Digital Studio.

Why Hollywood loves printing. The movie industry is beginning to see how much value printing offers, especially on effects-heavy films that are made with huge numbers of digital models.

Why Hollywood loves 3D printing

The movie industry is beginning to see how much value 3D printing offers, especially on effects-heavy films that are made with huge numbers of 3D digital models.

printing also known as rapid prototyping technology is the design process where computer programming guides the creation of a three dimensional model through the layering of fabrication material.

3D food printer

with the three-dimensional food printer already in development, the future of food is just a mouseclick away.

Let's assume that your cybernetic implants are controlled by a mega-corporation that doesn't have your best interests at heart. Welcome to Deus Ex!

3D printed biocompatible MEMS components could make cybernetic implants a reality

A team of researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has found a way to 3D print biocompatible components for tiny sensors, making them ideal for use in bionic arms and cybernetic implants.

Fashion designer Iris van Herpen explores yet another printing technology in her work! 3d Fashion, Fashion Prints, World Of Fashion, Fashion Show, Fashion Looks, Fashion Design, 3d Printing Store, 3d Printing Business, 3d Printing Service

3D printing technology goes from clinic to catwalk

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has unveiled a new piece at the Paris Fashion Week for Haute Couture created using 3D printing technology from Belgian company Materialise.

The Printed Ocean Inspired Radiolarian Lamp - Lightpublic

The 3D Printed Ocean Inspired Radiolarian Lamp | Lightopia's Blog | The latest in Lighting and Interior Design

The company i.materialise, offers a profound new way to enable dreamers and designers of all types to turn their dreams into reality. Using 3D technology t

Interested in buying a pen? Find out how much it costs to purchase a Pen. 3d Drawing Pen, 3d Pen, 3d Drawings, Stylo 3d, Pen Art, Creative Inspiration, Martini, 3d Printing, Arts And Crafts

3Doodle of the Week! Thanks to one of our backers for sending this through! www.the3doodler.com #SharkAttack #Jaws #DoodlesByYou #WhatWillYouCreate?

A model of ancient Rome created using Piranesi etchings a printer gold leaf. Made by Yale School of Architecture students and Professor Peter Eisenman for the Venice Biennale. Peter Eisenman, Art Quiz, Printer Stand, Rome City, Architectural Prints, 3d Printing Technology, Venice Biennale, Architecture Student, 3d Prints

Yale students recreate Rome in gold, with 3D printing

You know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” That’s right, it was built in a semester by size Yale students, their professor and a 3D printer.

Sixty jewelers from Smolensk made it for the anniversary of the coronation of Catherine the Great and the anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Royal Jewels, Crown Jewels, Gold Crown, 3d Printed Objects, 3d Printing Industry, Imperial Crown, Best 3d Printer, Catherine The Great, Tsar Nicholas Ii

Smolensk Diamonds | EnvisionTEC

3D Printing Case Study - Asked to manufacture a unique piece for the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. Smolensk Diamonds turned to a Perfactory 4 Mini XL to create a replica of the Grand Imperial Crown adorned with 11 thousand diamonds.

We've heard a lot about printing and fashion from the additive manufacturing side, but here's an assessment from the style side. What does the fashion industry see emerging from printing and its associated technology? Maybe something for Printer Chat? 3d Printing News, 3d Printing Industry, 3d Printing Service, 3d Printed Objects, Best 3d Printer, 3d Prints, Maker, Industrial Style, Specs

3D Printing: How It Works and Why It Could Be Fashion’s Next Big Thing

3D printing and couture fashion design have more in common than meets the eye.

In many cultures, the fox appears in folklore as a symbol of cunning and trickery. Like “Reynard the Fox”, a medieval charistmatic character who is always in trouble but always able to talk his way.

Fox Whistle | 3D Printing Shop

Printed Kryptonite Scares Even the Man of Steel 3d Printing Business, 3d Printing News, Printing Services, Printing Process, Fused Deposition Modeling, Homemade 3d Printer, 3d Printer Projects, 3d Prints, 3d Artist

Blogs | Stratasys

Video footage of 3-D printed kryptonite crystals demonstrate how 3-D printing is used to produce end-use products.