Bluebirds Roosting At Night

Eastern Bluebirds roosting at night :) plus s how to on build an all season blue bird nest box.

Parrots with beautiful coloring.

The conure parrot is a class of small to large-sized pet parrots. Conures originate out of Central America, South America, Mexico as well as the Caribbean.The word conure, actually means cone-tailed. Amongst the many parrots, they’re the types which ad…

migrating cranes, photographer Pawel Kopczynski

Birds Oiseaux Fly A flock of migrating cranes flies in front of the moon - Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters


Silhouette (von baby birds with beaks open waiting for mom to feed them a bug, early sunrise


tufted titmouse-such a soft blue - These birds are so sweet. I have watched fledglings leave the nest and the parents urging them on. Mine come to my door to let me know the seed needs to be refilled.

Amazing photo of flying owl in Russian forest - Beautiful nature images, pictures of birds, landscape photographs. Nature photography that takes your breath away.

Flight of the Heron

Yes he's pretty, but he ate all of my koi! Put net over and he couldn't get them out, but pecked and killed them of paradise

Magnificent color...

(The male is solid green. In this case the female is the flashy one, and they ARE beautiful!)" pretty sure this is a King Parrot, whereby this is the male and the mainly green (small tinge of red) are the females.