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Danielle Lam
Danielle Lam
Danielle Lam

Danielle Lam

Prize Patrol Elite Member who travels the country surprising lucky PCH winners with that BIG check! Use my personal PCHSearch&Win page to enter! http://search.p

Baby Giraffe

  • Jane Thompson

    So cute I didn't think is was real at first.......Check out those horn tuffs on it's head.....Hehehehehe!

PCH Prize Patrol bobble head cartoon!!!

  • Kayleen Ostergard

    I Can See Your Sweet Little Faces Better! Three Heads Are better Than One! They Get More Done!

  • Darlene Stroud

    I would love to see you'll pretty face come to my house.

How cute is her little underbite?!

  • Kayleen Ostergard

    What A Cutie You Have!! If I'm Blessed To Have You All Come To My Home! Please Bring Her!

  • Kayleen Ostergard

    Ha! I That Picture She Looks Like Her Fur Is Blue! I Love Pups! And Many Animals! Go's Loving Gift To Us! Huh?

The Prize Patrol with our PCH Family Feud trip contest winners on set!

The Prize Patrol on set of Family Feud!

If money were no object I would visit northeastern Brazil

LOVE traveling all over the country as the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol girl!!!

  • Marjarie Holmes

    Hello Danielle I hope you have a awesome day! Come to Indiana I want to win!

  • Marilyn Hadey


  • Susie Riopelle

    Danielle your so beautiful love your shoes hope to meet you one day i wish i was going on a plane to see New York your lucky one day my dream will come true because i'll never give up i need a miracle hope you have a safe and super day wish everyone the best of luck on june 30th

  • Lily McQueen

    Very nice photo, enjoy your travels...wish it was me with a job like that Nice photo, wish I had a job like yours D Danielle, this is a very nice pic; wish I had a Job like this!!! :)

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If money were no object, I would have a vacation home someplace beautiful like this!

Dave Sayer of the PCH Prize Patrol driving through beautiful Colorado in May 2012

Is that Charlie's Angels? Nope, it's the official Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite team!

Tari Woods from Colorado won $1,000,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House on May 31st 2012! Way to go girl!

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol van really comes in handy for me - it's my makeup mirror!

Talk about behind the scenes - this is the view from INSIDE the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol van!

Even the airport was fun in Durango Colorado! Check out this painting!!

Pagosa Springs Colorado - the hot springs. THANK YOU Publishers Clearing House for giving me the chance to be on the Prize Patrol and see this beautiful country we live in!

Pagosa Springs Colorado - this was May 31st 2012 when I awarded a PCH winner with $1,000,000.00! Congrats Tari Woods

PCH Prize Patrol behind the scenes. Usually Dave Sayer drives the van when we surprise our winners :)

This is what my dog would look like if SHE won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes!

Shelby was reunited with her real brother at the dog park one day completely by chance!!!! They loves each other immediately!

Shelby is like my baby - I love her! She's a brussels griffon shih tzu mix