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PR News' Articles

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4 Reasons Why E!’s ‘Royals’ Video Went Viral

Inga Starrett, senior VP of analytics at Weber Shandwick, shares tips on what to include in your measurement dashboard.

4 Twitter mistakes that can lose you followers.

Whether you’re working with multiple clients through an agency or in-house for a brand, you have to be able to accurately explain what you want the media to see in order for them to take notice. Let's take a look at the must-haves of a great press release.

A poorly managed organization—particularly one in which employees are discouraged from raising legitimate concerns—is ripe for PR crises that could adversely impact a company, its employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gets set to celebrate Hollywood's best on Sunday night, brands and organizations of all stripes are looking for ways to share the spotlight.

What's the best time for posting on social media? Check out this infographic for details.

Want to improve your tweets and retweets? Finally, there's a tool to help you.

Remembering David Carr: 3 Great Columns

As a millennial, there will be times when your suggestions aren't taken seriously and when references or jokes are lost on you. How do you conquer the task of getting through to employees who have been with the company longer than you’ve been alive?

Coming Soon to Google Search—Your Tweets

Brian Williams is being lambasted for falsely claiming he was aboard a helicopter that was "hit and crippled" by enemy fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Even 12 years later, a lie, mistruth or "misremembered" incident can and will come back to haunt you.

Infographic on the dangers of password mistakes and the risks at stake for your company.

During an interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shushed Evans and told her to "calm down" while he answered a question. Use this interview as Exhibit A when prepping top executives on what not to do when talking with the media.

Nationwide Insurance's Super Bowl ad featured the ghost of a young boy narrating scenes in a life he didn't get to live because of an accident, and critics didn't take kindly to it. Still, if you subscribe to the "no such thing as bad publicity" dictum, the spot was a win for the insurer.

Here are three ways brands and organizations are engaging the Super Bowl audience without shelling out millions of dollars to NBC.

Shake Shack cooks up some pretty good PR for its IPO

Are You a Great Boss? See Which Tips From PR Pros You Follow

Improve your search engine ranking on Google with these simple tips.

Comcast is no stranger to bad press generated by its customer service team. This week, the company is suffering another PR headache after one of its employees changed a customer's name to "A**hole Brown" on his bill.

#GoDaddyPuppy Wins Super Bowl Ad Awareness War Four Days Before Kickoff

Words to avoid in press release writing.

Snapchat's "Discover" is a new feature which gives brands and media companies the opportunity to publish content on the app. It's the biggest change to the platform since its introduction in 2011, and it's a welcomed one for PR and communications pros.

6 Guidelines for Sharing Tough News Internally

How you spent your time online in 2014 - interesting!