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Nicole Moreo @Peppercomm shares tips on effectively using your social media data.

Burger King creates a clever PR stunt with the McWhopper.

Blair Broussard @BlairAB of AR|PR @AR__PR gives some tips on how PR pros can handle content mktg.

Liz Borcik @Planit PR shares essential items social media mgrs should have in their toolkit.

Tips on curing your public speaking jitters.

Visual storytelling tips for beginners.

7 points to consider when you brand gets involved in social issues from Julie Lellis of Elon University.

For those seeking employment in professional communications, the in-person interview is the most critical part of the job search process. Nailing an interview takes practice, and it also helps to know some of the types of questions or tasks you'll be asked to do.

One of the best tools for measuring social media activity is right in front of you, and it's free: Google Analytics. If you don't have it set up to monitor your website, you're missing out on extensive and easy-to-catch data that can help you optimize your PR campaigns on social media.

Tips for landing the right PR firm for your communications needs.

Ahead of PR News’ upcoming Big 4 Social Media Conference, we surveyed the our community with the goal of finding out where PR stands on paid social media.

Science tells us that we absorb information easier when it's presented visually than when it's presented in text-heavy formats. At the same time, we're predisposed to favor linear, coherent stories. When combined, these elemental ideas give visual storytelling its attention-grabbing power.

New social media app Beme wants to make your social media experience more real.

Skills for being an effective communications leader.

For all brands and organizations, Reddit included, succession planning is an unpleasant but necessary fact of life. To help you think through how your company would respond to a public dust-up involving the exit of your CEO, take a look at these three tips

Facebook's ever-changing News Feed algorithm has morphed again, this time with the introduction of new tools that allow users to select whose content they see first, find new pages to connect to, unfollow people to hide their posts and reconnect with people they've unfollowed.

PR pros working in the trenches of social media know the value of a great content calendar. For some help with getting started creating your own social media content calendar, take a look at this infographic.

6 steps to brand forgiveness after a crisis.

Love him, hate him or ignore him, Donald Trump has his own unique style of public relations and persona shaping: Never apologize, never go on the defensive. As far as communications strategies go, it's a bold one—but for him and for the Trump brand, it works.

Merchandise displaying the Confederate battle flag is swiftly being prohibited from sale by major retailers in what has turned into a nationwide movement sparked by the killing of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., last week.

Kelly Womer of Linhart Public Relations shares tips on how to avoid over servicing your clients.

Lauren Friedman of Adobe shares tips on how to prove social media's value to the C-Suite.

5 nonverbal crisis communications tips for PR pros.

Understanding the power of community to build your brand.

Social media is about more than talking. You have to listen as well.