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Creepy Horror, Blood, Death

With bondage and fetish major fashion inspirations, and nudity becoming as common as clothing, the lines between fashion and erotica have continued to blur. The latest issue of Interview magazine is another clear example of this, featuring the aforementioned fetish and nudity elements, as well as leather, thigh high boots and lingerie as outerwear.

Gimme More - by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine Models: Constance Jablonski, Alla Kostromicheva, Magdalena Frackowiak, Monika Jagaciak and Sigrid Agren.

Oh, Mom … do I have to wear this to auntie’s party?  What if the guys find out again?

autogynephelia: “ Pussy boi Realising now that all that stood between his ‘virginity’ and the tenting cock of his Vicar was the pretty pink gossamer panties that encased his shrunken clitty; Shirley’s flirtation with femininity faced its natural.

Yes, young lady, y ou can pray, but I still want you with me for a while. I want you to keep me warm at night, and allow me to play with you when I am board.

It turned out these pathetic creatures couldn't be sold at a high enough price on the slave market. Their fate remains unclear.

Forced to fuck her own sister

Bondage, domination, fetishes, toys, webcams - videos and photos.