andy warhol

Mourning the death of Polaroid instant film and its accidental masterpieces. Above, Andy Warhol used a Polaroid to capture the glamour of the

Famous Portrait Photographer who shot for Rolling Stones and now shoots for Vanity Fair.

Annie Leibovitz Bette Midler She is a portrait photographer and was famous because she photographed John Lennon on the day he died.

This photograph, "The Kiss", is one of the most famous photos ever taken. It was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square in New York City in 1945 on VJ Day (Victory of Japan Day) when Japan surrendered during WWII. This photograph depicts how love triumphs over war.

V-J Day Kiss

V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays an American sailor kissing a young nurse in a white dress on V-J Day in Times Square on August ALL-TIME FAVORITE PHOTO ♥

Julia Margaret Cameron (11 June 1815 – 26 January 1879) was one of the most famous women photographers of the 19th century. She was given her first camera fairly late in life. What's more interesting is that quite a few of her portraits feature some of the most brilliant people from Victorian society, e.g. Charles Darwin, Alfred Lord Tennyson and George Frederic Watts. She was taking pictures during the early days of photography, so it's interesting to see such good shots from this time.

11 June 1815 – 26 January Julia Margaret Cameron, photographed by her brother-in-law Charles Somers Somers-Cocks, Earl Somers, c.

Fort Lowell Ruins, Ansel Adams  Good Example of Landscape and Depth of Field Photography

Fort Lowell Ruins, Ansel Adams Good Example of Landscape and Depth of Field Photography

A Steve McCurry photo of Fishermen taken in Sri Lanka, 1995. Quote by Steve McCurry: "I had photographed these fishermen with this very unique way of fishing from the shore and after a while I realised that to get the best angle was to join them, so I had to wade into the water up to my waist. It's such a strange and wonderful way they fish perched on this pole, which is jammed on this coral reef, and they sit there for a couple of hours in the morning"

pictured: Fishermen at Weligama, South Coast, Sri Lanka, 1995 -"Timeless: National Geographic as Celebrated by Taschen Books" - Online bidding has begun at Christie's (Steve McCurry/National Geographic)

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams - Moon and Half Dome Yosemite National Park California 1960 “Examples – the Making of 40 Photographs” book.

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