Cruelty-Free Garden

What makes a product cruelty-free? Products free of animal-based additives including composted manure, blood meal, fish emulsion, ground up feathers or bone and slaughterhouse byproducts in general. While the products on this list are free of animal products they may or may not come from fully veganic companies. This is a full list of cruelty-free garden products featured on the blog.
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Eco-Coir Seed Starting Mix

Eco-co® Coir Seed Starting Mix — Simply the Best for Seed Starting

Kelp Meal - Organic Feritilizer | Gardener's Supply

Organic gardeners also water on liquid seaweed before planting as it grows healthy plants. Liquid seaweed strengthens the shoots and provides essential nutrients for healthy growth. You should regularly drench the foliage with it.


Get your Veganic Special Sauce from OGTea!

Yum Yum Mix 2-1-1

Yum Yum Mix is a premium all natural fertilizer blended from the finest natural and organic ingredients. It has been especially formulated for alkaline, nutrient-poor Western soils and is a blend of premium ingredients that feed the soil to feed your plan

Dr. Earth Vega All Purpose Vegetarian Fertilizer, 4-Pound

Dr Earth Vegetarian All Purpose Fertilizer * Fertilizer* Vegetarian All Purpose* People and pet safe* Ideal for flowers and vegetables* Organic and natural hand crafted blend* Beneficial soil microbes plus Mycorrhizae

Micro-Mat Minis Hydroponic Grow Pads - For Organic Production

Minis Hydroponic Grow Pads Organic Production Plant Seed More Greenhouse Trays

Neemtree Organics Neem Ninja - Neem and Karanja Seed Meal - Natural, Vegan Soil Amendment (44 Lb.)

Neemtree Organics Neem Ninja - Neem and Karanja Seed Meal - Natural, Vegan Soil Amendment Lb.

Vegro Multipurpose Compost - 35 Litres

Vegro Multipurpose Compost - 35 Litres

Vegro Potting Compost - 35 Litres  | Fertile Fibre

Vegro Potting Compost - 35 Litres | Fertile Fibre

Vegro Seed Compost - 60 Litres

Vegro Seed Compost - 60 Litres

Vega | Doctor Earth

Dr Earth is an Organic Ethical Lawn Care Fertlizer company with a focus on the lifestyle and building a better tomorrow. Doctor Earth homepage has plenty of DIY Videos and Garden Care Information needed to build a better garden.

OG Tea - Veganic Special Sauce

Veganic Special Sauce from OG Tea is the most user-friendly microbial tea on the market.

Organics Rx Vegetable Fertilizer, Vegan.

Organics Rx Vegetable Fertilizer Vegan GMO free Water Soluble -- See this great product.

General Hydroponics Flora Blend-Vegan Compost Tea

These highly soluble organic compounds increase and promote healthy root structures, build the plants immune system and provide carbon building blocks for plant