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Teddy bear Sunflowers

Teddy bear Sunflowers, never heard of them. One of my favorite flowers, sunflowers. Love this teddy bear.

These full-petaled Princess Anne English Roses are a beautiful new variety for 2012.

Beautiful New Roses for 2013


Gerber daisies, they are my flower. the make me happy. over any other flower i will take any daisy.

climbing roses

Doors let you in. Doors keep you out. Doors let you out. Doors keep you in. Doors let them out. Doors keep them in. Doors aren't just inanimate objects.

another good use of galvanized tubs and pots

Driven By Décor: Galvanized Metal Tubs, Buckets, & Pails as Planters. Finally a use for all of our galvanized buckets from the wedding!

Cupid's Dart

Cupid's Dart (Catananche Caerulea Blue) - What a wonderful perennial for cottage gardens or flower borders. Grown from Catananche caerulea seeds, this long-stemmed flower is superb for cutting.

African violets are one of the easiest to grow flowering houseplants. They bloom year-round with little effort.

Ready-to-use, this peat-based PREMIUM AFRICAN VIOLET MIX provides improved air porosity and water retention, ideal for these delicate plants.

Catananche caerulea "Cupid's Dart"

Specializing in rare and unusual annual and perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms and hard to find California native wildflowers.

Exceptional, Shorter Dahlias Explode With Color All Season

Planning your spring garden? For what they lack in height, compact Dahlias make up for it with color and beauty. Perfect for beds and borders, Longfield Gardens offers a variety to brighten up your garden from spring to fall.

PRO-MIX have want you need to grow your passion.

Whether you are a beginner or a passionate gardener, PRO-MIX will make your greenest dreams come true.

Love gardening? Get the best potting mix.

This is a guide about dividing perennials. Growing perennials is like having a plant factory in your own backyard. You will need to periodically divide and transplant these hardy flowers. Done properly this will provide you with a host of new plants.

Get beautiful orchids with PRO-MIX Orchid Mix.

This ready-to-use PRO-MIX PREMIUM ORCHID MIX is specially formulated from select western fir bark for growing orchids and other epiphytes.