inspiration for centerpiece. the ribbon somewhat illustrates the effect I spoke of creating on glass centerpiece mechanisms Yellow-and-White Centerpiece perfect for summer wedding!


Yellow is the color of Gold, Lemon, Butter, Flowers etc. Yellow is the First color that used in prehistoric cave art. Its also a traditional color. So in today's post i have posted some Yellow Photos .


I want this. Reminds me of an old phone my parents had when I was a kid. (Yellow rotary phone: from Anthropologie)

More ideas
Yellow paint. Curated for your pinning pleasure by your source for fine art prints.

Yellow is a colour that really pops out at you. It is such a happy, smiley, fresh colour. It is definately a statement colour.

Just the color...

Just the colour yellow makes me smile. I miss my Liquid Yellow Mini Cooper. My all time favorite car. It was a happy car.

You are my sunshine

you are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear how much I love you until my sunshine is gone away.

Looking for amazing design resources? Find them here:    Sunshine Yellow Lanterns

I SO love these yellow lanterns! You can hang them from the corner of the room, place them on a pile of books for an instant pop of color in your room. Or use them in a fun photoshoot like I did! You can see more of the lanterns used in the shoot HERE

XL hello wood sign  made from recycled wood by OhDierLiving

Sierra Cascade Nursery for Rachel

,hello in yellow sign by Oh Dier--we have this hanging on the wall by our front door.

antique bike photos - Bing Images

I've got a bike and a market basket - I am sooo doing this! - Ginn jBike basket as flower containers. Love the yellow bike & flowers.