Yoga before work

YOGA: A workout that increases metabolism and burns fat, creating a fit and healthy body.

Aim to visit the gym at least 4 times after work

Need this pillow for my bed! GO TO The GYM Felt Applique Pillow by alexandraferguson

Many calls to be made!

ELAGO Slim Fit Case for AT, Sprint, Verizon iPhone - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Coral Blue, if I ever get an iPhone again, I have to have this case

Deadlines. Arrrgh!

Now is the time. And from time to time, it’s also meow the time :P skepticalsecrets: “ Tis true…every moment is now.

Twitter updates for our clients

South Korea: Politician Ridiculed for Twitter Account “Explosion” Accusation

A defining brand characteristic is like an anchor. It must hold you steady, but it cannot weigh you down. Smart brands keep the connection but let out the chain and allow the brand to move. Less successful brands cling to what they know and become stuck.