Garden path

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Simple Brick Path

Idea for a Reclaimed Brick Path for the home and garden, love the faux chevron pattern, I'd Expand the path and paint the bricks alternating.

walkway ~ driveways stones are cheap and can look great!!!!

Gravel pathway idea from pool to garden ~ bigger stones keep the gravel in place, gravel allows rain water to drain through.

Paving with bits and pieces and samples and discards.

mis-matched pavers, bricks, stones make a mosaic-like patio. I like the patina of moss.

Love this garden path.

Wide and thin walkway. Love this garden path. I'm going to do this in yellow brick in my dream home.I better start clicking the heels of my ruby slippers together!

This is beautiful...

Dealing with sloped yards - natural stone steps, retaining walls. Not nearly as sloping as my yard.but one day, I'd like to think about doing something with the lower level of the back yard

Decorative brick path across lawn

Decorative brick path across lawn - I like how the brick stepping stones aren't all laid out the same.

Garden junk path - Garden Junk Forum - GardenWeb

A touch of garden whimsy- Garden junk path - from Garden Junk Forum - GardenWeb