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OMG! The onion hack alone makes this worth pinning lol 40 Simple Life Hacks


40 Simple Life Hacks

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that you can have really cute designs shine on your wall at night.. How adorable for a child\'s room.


Crafty finds for your inspiration! No.6

Use buttons to keep earrings together so they never get separated. #TravelHacks

Use Buttons to Keep Earrings Together

How to Hang a Sweater without stretching out the shoulders. I love this tip-I like to keep my sweater hanging so my closet is more organized and I can see my options when picking out clothes!

How to Hang a Sweater - The Happier Homemaker

Putting a Tums pill on a painful mouth ulcer (canker sore) will cause it to go away in a matter of hours.

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You may not need this hack right now but one day you will. This is called a pin now use later in an emergency ;) Wish I'd known this years ago when all mine were little and stomach bugs were often!!

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Best erasers for dry-erase boards micro-fiber facial pads that come in a set of 3 at the dollar store. They last all year

Basics of a Kindergarten Classroom