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Medieval Clothing and costume 1100-1300

being clothing that characters from the 'Gisborne' Series may have worn.

11th/12th century reproduction

Las mujeres usaban cabellos largos, atados en trenzas y las damas de la nobleza lucían coronas sobre un velo o pañuelo fino. Se adornaban con collares, brazaletes, broches y otras joyas. Los caballeros usaban igualmente dos túnicas y posteriormente calzones y calzas (pantalones cortos y medias). El hombre solìa usar barba y cabellos cortos y cubrían sus cabezas con gorros de lana o capuchas.

Man wearing tunic and ankle garters costume mid twelfth century.

Twelfth Century buckle silver castings

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St. Martin Church in Zillis Switzerland, ca 1140. He clearly has a keyhole neckline and a knee length garment with tight sleeves.

Medieval Bride: Inspirational paintings of dresses

History Undressed: A Medieval Lady's Closet

HRM Thorfinn wearing Norman garb

Bliaut in wine with all of the details pulled togethet

12th century baby clothes :)

What underwear did medieval men actually wear?

And that was it. Not a single word was uttered. Not a single gesture given or taken. He just put on his cloak, sheathed his sword, and set his boots on the distant trail. And he never looked back.