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Medieval Clothing and costume 1100-1300

being clothing that characters from the 'Gisborne' Series may have worn.
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What appears to be amazing modern embroidery on historically based garment?…

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Medieval Shoes

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Quite narrow overdress with a full underdress, also very full sleeve linings. Aldersbach Abbey, Cod. lat. 2599, fol. 106 verso,Germany, about 1200, (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek).

Teffania's Stuff: German Dresses with Wrinkly sleeve linings

Medieval Rus XII-XIII Suzdal- Vladimir -silk naviershnik, with brocade hems, and pearls, -silk dress with silk hems, silk tablet -weaving, and gold buttons -silk veil and kerchief -silk head band with gold temple rings, and studs, -woolen korzno, with silk, hand printed hems

Atima Historical Costumes

Go to this Frenchman's blog to see a huge array of terrific visual art references on men's 12th century clothing. His research was thorough and his costume beautiful :)

Costume masculin de noble, début XIIème, est de la France

European (Normandian Sicilian) woman costume Xi-Xii century. Early medieval Roman costume. Re-enacting by Liza Fudim (Russia), 2012-2013. Photo by Maria Horeva

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12-13th century woven trim, possibly French. (C) RMN-Grand Palais (Cluny Museum - National Museum of the Middle Ages)

Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

medieval lovers photo: Medieval lovers Medieval_miniature.jpg

Medieval lovers

Medieval Hat

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hose and braies, northern counties of France, ca. 1250

Idas Hantverk: Hosor och brokor.

reconstruction of shoes found in Opole, Poland / 10th, 11th and 12th centuries

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Ivory belt-end, medieval photo baelte-ende_middelalder.jpg

Ivory belt-end, medieval

Example of the dress of a Norman noblewoman during the mid- and late 12th century. Oh, yeah. I need one of these. And yet, the headress looks so wrong.

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Medieval art work illustrating the fashions of the 13th century.

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Mittelalter - Kostüme Kleidung Mode nach Maß - Werkstatt Gandiva

Medieval dress 12-13th century

medieval dress, 13th century dress

Headdress styles for late 12c, if the wikipedia description is correct... Chronica St. Pantaleonis, 2nd half of 12th century. Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Cod. Guelf. 74.3 Aug., pag. 226) Deutsch: Verwandtschaftstafel der Ottonen.

File:StammtafelOttonen0002.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Medieval riding outfit

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12th century clothing of Scotland

clothing in 12th century Scotland

medieval kirtle, a simple, elegant linen gown that pulls on without lacing. Medieval artwork of the 10th - 14th centuries often depicts simple, smooth gowns with tapered sleeves and full skirts. In the 12th and 13th century, this gown is often worn as a simple overdress by common women and wealthy ladies as well being used as an under gown with apron dresses, bliauts and pendant sleeved gowns

Medieval Clothing- Linen Kirtle

Gentleman in clothing depiction of the 12-14th century.

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The nobleman. Shot in Castle Thun which is built around 1190 ad. Comthurey Alpinum, Living history around 1180 AD. ::swoon::

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Prue Batten

12th century, love the embroidery, this site has much eye candy and some good embroidery / garb ideas

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Nice red medieval dress

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Townspeople / All holds / casual / kirtle

Grey Kirtle Diary