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    Soooo happy with Pinterest ~ so much more satisfying & educational than Facebook.

    Ancient Sanskrit Writings Of India Ancient Sanskrit Texts from India ...

    This is Amazing!!! The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree.

    Yes! I feel this way all the time!

    Jehovah hears your heart.

    Jehovah hears your heart.

    Good Morning, God!!! :)

    30 Bhagavad Gita Quotes That Have Life Changing Lessons For All Of Us

    Street Art, Pentes de la Croix Rousse, Lyon

    Srimad Bhagavad-gita Quotes

    Your heart actually communicates to every other heart electromagnetically. All of our hearts are "talking" to one another right now in electromagnetic pulses. We are immersed in each other's expanding heart-bubbles. Imagine this, picture it, give energy to it, and you'll see what kind of impact you have all the time. Every single beat of your heart sends out an electro-magnetic, 360° spherical bubble at the speed of light (an electromagnetic pulse 186,300 miles per sec.). ~Sacred Geometry

    Casa Batlló. Modernist work of Gaudí in Barcelona

    Baccara - Gypsy Cob mare - Domaine du Vallon, France.

    In the early 1900's on the Doheny expedition into the Grand Canyon, Indian cave drawings were found which closely resembled a duck-billed dinosaur. Human + Dinosaur Fossils bones and primitive tools have been found in the same fossil layers in Texas and the Dakotas. Footprints of dinosaurs and humans coexist in Texas and New Mexico. Cave and cliff drawings in Utah and Colorado depict dinosaur species dating from 400 A.D to 1300 A.D