Peace River Wildlife Center

Peace River Wildlife Center

PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA / The mission of the PRWC is to treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native Florida wildlife and, if possible, to return them to the wild.
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Now that baby bird season is finally (officially) behind us, the mayhem at Peace River Wildlife Center should be calming down a bit. But, of course, there is always something to fill the void. This week we have seen a number of unusual admissions. We got a nestling brown pelican transferred to us from Save Our Seabirds in Sarasota. The fact that is was transferred is not the unusual part,... Read the Full Story -->

Peace River Wildlife Center was the scene of an alien invasion recently. Not of the extraterrestrial variety, but the illegal alien type. Just as our astute political pundits have prophesized, some of our south-of-the-border neighbors are rushing our boundaries to avail themselves of our wonderfully inclusive health care system. A black-bellied whistling duck chick was admitted to PRWC last week... Read the Full Story -->

On April 12th, 1996, the Fish and Game Department brought Bilfred to the Peace River Wildlife Center. The American Bald Eagle was found injured in the Punta Gorda Landfill on U.S. 41 South. The age of the Eagle was two or three years old. Upon an examination, it was found that there had been impact to the left wing which subsequently became infected... Read more ->

On Saturday, January 25th, 2001, someone found an injured nestling Bald Eagle in the Prairie Creek section of Port Charlotte. Previous to this date, he had been watching two Eagles near his friends home in Prairie Creek. At 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 27th, he noticed two Eagles circling the area over their nest. He investigated and found that the old tree where the nest was situated had fallen. Read more ->

One of the more exciting new additions at Peace River Wildlife Center is our white screech owl. This little guy is not an albino, but is leucistic. An albino has a lack of melanin, the pigment that appears as black/brown color; although the cells that produce it, melanocytes, are still present. Some albino animals are pale yellow or orange because they have different pigments being produced other than black and brown. Read More ->

Rick Andrews, Administrator: Rick was born in Massachusetts, but grew up right here in Punta Gorda and graduated from Charlotte High School (go Tarpons!). He worked at the Animal Welfare League, caring for abandoned and lost domestic animals, for 16 years before coming to work at the Center in 2009. Rick is a jack of all trades and has helped the Center as a rehabber, gift shop manager and electronics guru. read more ->

Anne Marie Witkowski, Administrator: Anne Marie always wanted to be Indiana Jones, so she went to Rutgers University and graduated in 1998 with a BA in Anthropology and Archaeology. While in University, she studied abroad in Glasgow, Scotland and fell in love with traveling. Since the position of Indiana Jones was occupied, she decided to take a different path and worked as a Benefit Administrator for... read more ->

Valerie Wolfrey, Rehabilitation Specialist: Valerie has been a volunteer with PRWC for over two years and has also worked with us since May 2015. She has been working here at Punta Gorda Animal Hospital since 2006, and in the veterinary profession for over 10 years. Her favorite part of the profession is delivering compassion and loving care to her patients. Read more ->

I am no Mary Shelly and this is no Frankenstein, but we have been doing some interesting work at Peace River Wildlife Center this week. We have been inundated with injured turtles and tortoises this year, with a dramatic increase in those hit by cars over the past month. When turtles and tortoises come in with fractured carapaces (top shell) or plastrons (bottom shell), we must first... Read the Full Story -->

Limpin’ limpkins! The heat of the summer has finally started to dissipate a little here in southwest Florida. The cooler autumn air is undeniable overnight and in the early mornings. Some of Peace River Wildlife Center’s seasonal volunteers have started their southern migration, for which we are extremely grateful. Read the Full Story -->