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The Nude in Art

I want to be nude, don’t you? Not just my body but my soul—that boxcar full of melon, wine and gospel fire. I’m never here, always wishing for home... Always that house loving me in its fallopian rooms. Such brittle tenderness only bare feet on cold floors know. Eckhart said, the greater the nudity, the greater the union. A nude soul is best—its rusty wheels bare like shins. Always they go down through the blue earth, rise up with weeds. (Roxanne Johnson)
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Helga Testorf 1976. Peinture (painting) by Andrew Wyeth

Scott Noel First Portrait of Vivian, pastel, 44 x 30 inches


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Aleah Chapin, The three graces - Oil on canvas, 76 x 74 inches


Aleah Chapin - Aunties Project

In de rust; model in the artist’s studio (exh.1903). Albert Roelofs (Belgian, 1877-1920). Oil on canvas.


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