The Best Yoga Poses for Self-Massage-8

The Best Yoga Poses for Self-Massage

"Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself."

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Yoga Inspiration

2015: Remember who I was before the world told me who I should be. = Get healthy and fit through yoga, hiking and clean eating. =

a tailored line: Illustration Fri. & Paint Party Fri.

*** Build Your Own Yoga Practice -- Use this chart as a guide. The chart is read from top to bottom, left to right so Pose 1 is Namasthe, Pose 2 Tadasana and so on.

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This is really the best pin of this bedtime yoga routine, with all the pictures in a row instead of at different pages! Btw, it totally helps you sleep better! Bedtime Yoga from

Yoga for Bedtime

Morning Yoga.

Morning Yoga -PositiveMed | Where Positive Thinking Impacts Life

Moon Salutations Sequence - Moon Salutations

Chakra Gemstone Healing Jewelry Necklaces Bracelets | Mayan Rose

We've compiled a list just for you of fabulous yoga poses that will leave you feeling great!

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Restorative Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

The Best Restorative Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yoga isn’t about executing the poses perfectly, or having the best balance. Yoga is like learning to breathe again. Or that moment you jump out of the bed in the morning, rush outside to do the sun salutation and you’re blinded by how utterly brilliant the world can be. Yoga is taking a moment from your stressful, upbeat life and remembering you have a soul that needs tending to.

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7 yoga poses for common health woes

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❤ ❤ ❤ Yoga Inspiration

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yoga starter

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Sun Salutation - Good for the soul!

My Morning Yoga Ritual
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Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga

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Have you always been interested in starting yoga but just don't know where to begin? This Yoga Foundations in Flow video is the perfect place for you to start by learning the basics from a professional.

Yoga Foundations - Fitness Fridays #1 - Happy Food, Healthy Life

Yin Yoga Asanas Sequence

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