Skid Mark Stadium at Poopy's in Savanna, Illinois (seriously)! See more about this place from #ILMileMarkers @Matty Chuah GypsyNesters if you dare:

Mile Markers, @Matty Chuah GypsyNesters, recently stopped at Illinois' largest biker destination, Poopy's Pub n' Grub! Yes... Poopy's. #ILMileMarkers

Poopy's Harley | The two pictures above were NOT taken by us this time but scoured from ...

There’s a place called Poopy’s in Savanna, Illinois. It’s a biker bar that’s revved up over its restrooms. “Only a...

(a girl got her parents' handwriting from her birthday cards and made them her tattoos after they passed away)

cute matching tattoos

i forgive you

sexy tattoo

paisley tattoo


Monroe/Skull tattoo

cala lily tattoo

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The Big Poop...Our One-Pound Burger

The Big Poop...Our One-Pound Burger