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14 more of my FAVORITE THINGS I’ve come across on Facebook today! This is the morning batch of all the best memes that'll make you laugh and smile (for sure).

these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. ~Najwa Zebian~ living without love hurts. carrying regret and heartbreak for those events only worsens the pain.

But it is Ok ,to go to the right or to the left

I have this saying on a t-shirt, and my bf thought it was a rude statement to onlookers not to check me out - I disagree! Its a beautiful inspirational message : ). Love this thought!s love

Nice quote

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It's not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters. Friendship quotes on

Its not what we have that matters life quotes quotes positive quotes quote life quote life lessons wise quotes

Listen  Why think about the bad  U should think about the good

Think Positive Quotes.

Integrity. It's who you are.

How you treat people tells everything.

Lessons Learned in Life | To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong. Lessons Learned In Life® Copyright © 2013™ | Page 4

Lessons Learned in Life. To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong. Lessons Learned In Life® Copyright ©

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If you don't go after what you want you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. - 30 Motivational and Inspirational Picture Quotes

I'm working on these in therapy and I'm doing better than anyone expected me to. I'm proud of what I've accomplished this year and what I'm going to do in the future.

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do. Be strong minded

Very true, we cannot change the past and we do reap as we have sewn, choosing to be kind and happy is exactly that a choice and being kind is a positive trait to have!!

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