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I filled something like 15 sketch books between 1995 and 1998. Then I stopped drawing for about 10 years. I picked it up again a few years ago so these are a mix of old and new sketches. A lot of times I draw from magazines- sometimes from real life. I'm interested in trying to capture emotion more than reality, and my taste can be weird so occasionally I like something that isn't particularly pretty but whatever.


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New sketch from portrait on #sktchy app

Latest sketch on Sktchy app. Sharpie silver and black markers on black craft paper.

Contour drawing of one of the photos in Closer (www.thesartoriali...)

Ink sketch from a magazine. Can't remember which or when...

Rooney Mara

New sketch, graphite and numbering machine ink (which is cool, but very oily so it never dries and discolors the paper - not recommended)

some interesting texures you can make using watercolour paints

Self Portrait. Yes... I owned glasses like that. Don't judge me. 1999

Was working towards photo-realism with this pencil sketch. Oct 1998 Based on a photo I took at Bok Tower Gardens. The squirrels there are super-friendly and very photogenic, as far as squirrels go...

Still life...

No idea who this was- but based on the date (1998), it must have been a classmate at the Art Institute. Technically, it's not particularly good, but I still like it for some reason...

I used to paint too - this is a pencil sketch of one of my used paint tubes. Feb 1998

This was a still life pencil sketch of one of Anthony's (my oldest son) toys. Probably 1997ish

Very traditional flower sketch. Pencil - Jan 1998

One of the few color sketches I have. I think I'm afraid color. This is pretty old- maybe from when I was 16 or 17.

Contour pen sketch (one continuous line) from a Real Simple magazine cover. I like contour sketches- they free you up to just have fun with the image and not worry too much about realism or details.

Pen sketch I made in 2008 - from a Dolce & Gabbana ad (I think)

Pen sketch 2008