Pine Springs Pottery

Stoneware made one at a time, by hand, with my original designs to complement your style and serve beautifully!
41 Pins
a hand holding a cup with pineapples painted on it and a wine bottle in the background
Wine Ware, Pine Springs Pottery
Handmade stoneware tumbler and wine crock, painted by hand with Pine Design.
two vases and a bowl sitting next to each other
Communion Set, Pine Springs Pottery
Handmade stoneware communion set with hand painted Crown of Thorns design.
three eggs are sitting in a bowl on the floor next to a blue and white towel
Blueberry Design Egg Plate, Pine Springs Pottery
Beautiful handmade stoneware egg plate with hand painted blueberry design.
a white and brown bowl sitting on top of a stone floor
Seashell Bowl, Pine Springs Pottery
Delicate hand painted seashells on a large bowl - so pretty!
a white vase filled with purple flowers next to a sink
Stoneware soap disc, Pine Springs Pottery
This pretty disc has a deep clay swirl to raise the soap above the water drips.
a cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to plates and a vase filled with flowers
Cake plate, Pine Springs Pottery
Beautiful cake stand makes every cake just a little more special.
blueberries and white hydrangeas are sitting on a table next to a vase
Blueberry Design Berry, Pine Springs Pottery.
Charming handmade berry colander and Plate!
a table set with plates, silverware and utensils on top of a woven place mat
Sunflower design dinnerware, Pine Springs Pottery
Cheerful hand-painted sunflowers on stoneware plates, bowls and mugs make every meal sunny.
a hand is holding a small vase in front of a plant
Stemless goblet, Pine Springs Pottery
These little pieces feel so good in your hands!
several empty cups tied together with twine
Mugs, Pine Springs Pottery
You can never have too many mugs!
two white mugs sitting on top of a table next to a plate and tree
Primitive Christmas original design, Pine Springs Pottery.
Mugs with this design make your coffee, hot chocolate & tea a little sweeter!
a bowl filled with oranges sitting on top of a wooden table
Large bowl, Pine Springs Pottery
Handmade fruit and serving bowl - so useful!
garlic and tomatoes on a wooden table next to an old teapot with the lid open
Handmade stoneware cruet, Pine Springs Pottery
A beautiful and useful addition to any cook’s kitchen!
an apple and cinnamon stick sit in a bowl next to two apples on a wooden table
Stoneware Pie Plate, Pine Springs Pottery
Beautiful bakeware that makes beautiful pies and cleans up easy. You will love how your crusts bake perfectly in this stoneware!
a tea pot with sugar cubes next to it and a cup of coffee on the table
Tea serving ware, Pine Springs Pottery
Beautiful stoneware teapot, mug, spoon rest and vase. #servebeautifully