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When you’re a kid, it’s simple. Christmas is magic. It’s a time of miracles, when reindeer can fly, and Frosty never melts. Then you get older. Somehow, things change. The magic begins to fade. Until something happens that reminds you, at Christmas time, miracles still can be found. Sometimes in the most unexpected places. —The Wonder Years
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A very Merry Christmas Village by Paula Klingerman, technique by Karen Eckmeier at The Quilted Lizard

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white lace christmas tree tabletop decoration with buttons

Jingle All The Way. Diy Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

5 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone 3 - Diy & Home | Creative Projects For Your Home

Prairie Point Pine Tree

Prairie Point Tree Kit - Green | Quilts LGF

Vintage Mid-Mod Christmas card * 1500 free paper dolls Christmas gifts artist Arielle Gabriels The International Paper Doll Society also free paper dolls The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *

Pine branch with cones

Do you love paper piecing and the holidays? If yes, this Christmas Tree Skirt pattern is for you! Pattern available at

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simple but elegant

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Celebrate The Season

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Pinecone Made from Upcycled Sweaters!

Dishfunctional Designs: Thrift Store HOT: Upcycled Sweaters!

General Electric Christmas Lights, 1949

Retro Vintage 1950s Christmas Ads and Holiday Art :: GE Christmas Lights, 1949

Wreath Quilt for Christmas

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very pretty

little Forest quilt (with a few gnomes)

Cutting out paper snowflakes by hand is always a game of chance. And while kids’ one-of-a-kind examples look charming, using a template allows you to create spectacular snowflakes that double as party décor (like this backdrop for an hors d’oeuvres buffet). Made from squares of wrapping paper, butcher paper, or text-weight poster paper, they’re easy to cut into multiple sizes.

How to Make the Perfect Paper Snowflakes

time to gather twigs and branches to make a Christmas tree... | Elke dag een ontdekking

A Framed Christmas Tree - ornaments hung from a large framed bulletin board + Christmas Decorating Ideas That Don't Involve a Tree - via How to Decorate

12 Christmas Decorating Ideas That Don't Involve a Tree

Christmas Crafts

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Welcome To The North Pole - quilting pattern

Welcome To The North Pole

draped greenery with tree

JBigg's Little Pieces: Chartreuse on the Mantel

Embroidered Gingerbread houses garland

Countdown to Christmas: Gingerbread! - feeling stitchy

Betz White recycled a rainbow of candy-colored sweaters into adorable stockings and trimmed them with ribbons and other notions.

11 Ways to Upcycle Old Sweaters

Christmas Decoration Tutorial All four


Watching the Sunset Fallow deer, Kent, England, Richard Costin.

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015

Tie ribbons between mini lights -

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DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Trees

DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Trees DIY Projects |