Here's a SMARTBoard file for sorting objects using the property of symmetry.

Symmetry Notebook and Handout Sort

Here's a nice idea for using natural materials to explore symmetry.

Invitations to Explore with Rocks | Reggio Provocations - Racheous - Lovable Learning

Here's a terrific video on symmetry that looks at the science of symmetry and explains how the symmetry of animals tells us more about them.

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Here's a lesson on symmetry that includes a sorting activity.

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Here's a terrific idea for making paper models of symmetrical structures.

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Collage Paris

Here's a cool activity for making symmetrical bugs.

Splish Splash Splatter: symmetrical bugs

Here's a nice idea for creating designs using radial symmetry.

For the Love of Art: 6th Grade: Radial Name Designs

Here's a nice anchor chart on symmetry.

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Here's a simple set of cards showing line symmetry.

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Here's a terrific idea for using pattern blocks to teach symmetry.

Pattern Block Plates -- Math Art Grade 2

Here's a really nice idea for making pattern block quilts while studying symmetry.

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Here's a page with a number of templates and directions for making paper chains. These are very cool and there must be something mathematical we can do with them!

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Here's a page on finding and drawing lines of symmetry.

Symmetry, part 2

Great journal entry for teaching about symmetry.

Runde's Room: Math Journal Sundays

Here's an apple pie themed SMARTboard game for drawing lines of symmetry.

Apple Pie Symmetry SMART BOARD Game - FREE

Here's another mandala lesson focusing on lines of symmetry.

Art Lesson Plan: Radial Design - Mandala

Here's a lesson on creating a mandala that uses understanding of radial symmetry, measurement, and fractional parts.

Elementary Art Lesson - Mirror Imaging Symmetry

Here are two art projects that produce symmetrical designs.

Search for "symmetry" » K - 6 Art K – 6 Art

This site has a number of projects focused on symmetry. Directions are easy to follow and use readily available materials.

4th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown

Here's a post with some ideas for folding symmetrical origami creations.

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: Symmetrical Origami

Here's a nice anchor chart for symmetry.

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad: Symmetry is Egg-citing!

Fun idea for students to create a silly face or other picture using symmetry and congruent shapes.

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Here's a post with a number of ideas for using pattern blocks to teach symmetry.

Page Not Found - University of Idaho

Here's a nice post with a range of ideas for teaching kids about symmetry.

Teaching symmetry

Great idea for a symmetrical name project.

Edgar Allan Poe Art - Riley Artists