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wire drawing

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some good blind contour drawing videos.

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This video shows a demonstration of a contour line drawing. The artist focuses on not picking up his pencil at all while still getting all of the details of the shoe. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

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Henri Matisse- Themes et Variations 1941. This piece of art depicts the female figure using contour lines. 4-M.Z. & B.K.

Matisse drawing | Thèmes et variations, Patitcha smiling

This website has a lot of information about what contour line drawing is and how to create it. It provides an example of a contour line drawing of a familiar object (shoes). This image includes no shading, which is important to keep in mind when creating a contour line drawing. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

Expressive Line Drawing

otterlakeartfrom otterlakeart

Fifth Grade

Alexander Calder sometimes created contour line drawings out of wire! 4- M.Z. & B.K.

Fifth Grade | otterlakeartintheclassroom

This image uses lines going in different directions to make a hand look 3-dimensional. 4-M.Z. & B.K.

Harvest Artists Blog: The Elements of Design (Visual Art)

Albrecht Durer created this detailed line drawing showing the details of this mans facial features. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

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This website emphasizes 'blind' contour line drawing where the artists did not look down at their paper at all. This site also provides many examples of contour line drawings. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

Lane Tech Art Studio : Contour Line Drawing

This contour line drawing shows the shape of the plant more so than the shadow and details. It was created by focusing on the outline of the plant. 4- M.Z. & B.K.


This is a great example of how the artist used lines rather than shading to show to texture of the hand. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

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This video breaks down the process of creating a contour line drawing by focusing on an outline of the modeled hand. 4- M.Z. & B.K.

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This is an example of contour line drawing because the 3-dimensional aspect of the cans is created using only lines. 4-M.Z. & B.K.


Jeans Haynes 2012

Contour Line Drawing By Jean Haynes

This website has a lesson plan idea that I really liked; Hip Hop Contour Line Shoes.

Artful Artsy Amy: Lesson Plan: Hip Hop Contour Line Shoes

This website has a feather-drawing activity for contour lines. It can help evaluate the students' understanding of the concept of contour lines!

art & ideas that grow: B&W Contour Line Feather Study

This website contains a cross-contour line drawing lesson plan. It includes a description, the art standards, materials, the objectives, some guided practice, a review, the estimated duration, and video resources.

Cross Contour Line Drawing Art Lesson Plan

This website is structured like a mini art lesson. It gives an assignment, provides tips, and gives suggestions on how to take this assignment further if you wanted to.

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This website describes what contour lines are, what attributes they have in drawing, and provides a video picture examples.

Learning to Draw - Contour Lines

Mein Agnes by Albrecht Durer 1494

Beginning Drawing

This video shoes teachers how they can implement their contour line drawing lesson by using shoes as an object to focus on

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This page offers the readers a chance to look at how to draw a hand using contour line drawing, how the technique is applied and what it does to the drawing.

Contour Line Drawing

This website offers a tutorial plus tips to keep in mind when creating a contour line drawing.

Contour Line Art Drawings - Contour Drawing Video

Magnolia by Henri Matisse

Magnolia by Henri Matisse

Amazing Sharpie artwork on paper cups by Cheeming Boey.

Art in the