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Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Video Tutorials

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Ppresentation that talks about the secrets of compositing in Photoshop. Some of the specific topics covered include: Making shadows, Perspective, Atmospheric perspective, Reflections, Color casts.

Secrets To Photoshop Compositing - Live Presentation

Recording of a live presentation on Layer Masks in Photoshop.

Layer Masks Tips & Tricks - Live Presentation

In this video tutorial I will show you most of the new updates and how they work.

Photoshop tutorial showing you how to do color correction and color matching using a Curves Adjustment layer.

This tutorial will teach you how to create the Game of Thrones poster using simple techniques that will get you amazing results. #Photoshop photoshoptraining...

In this tutorial I’m going to give you an in depth explanation on how the blending modes in Photoshop work. You may have worked with blend modes in the past, and it was probably more of an experimental process for you. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how exactly how each blend mode works, so you don’t have to experiment as much. By the time you finish watching this tutorial, you should have a better idea of how to use blend modes and what blend modes to use for your desired effect.

In this tutorial we’re going to take a daytime photograph and turn it into a rainy night scene. This is a very versatile technique that could be used on other images, by simply tweaking the adjustment layers, and lens flares.

In this training video we’re going to take a look at the video editing and animation capabilities of the Timeline panel. We’re going to do so by creating an animated GIF in Photoshop out of a video I recorded from my cell phone.

Photoshop Video Tutorial Showing You The Secret To Creating Amazing Composites: Perspective And Vanishing Points photoshoptraining...

Awesome #Photoshop tutorial showing you how to turn an ordinary pumpkin into a frightening Halloween jack-o-lantern.

Learn 2 different professional techniques to mask hair. photoshoptraining...

#photoshop tutorial showing you how to create The Captain America: Winter Soldier Movie poster! It's an amazing tutorial, check it out!

Photoshop CC Video Tutorial. Learn all the new features in the latest release of Adobe Photoshop!

Create a Realistic Rock Text Effect In Photoshop

Create this awesome moonwalk scene using Photoshop CS6 Extended and 3D models from NASA!

Learn how to create this stylized look in Photoshop! The model featured in this tutorial is Lewis Howes

Create a baseball jersey text style from scratch. In case you’re wondering the name on the Jersey is actually my Twitter screen name! If you have a twitter account, you can follow me @JRfromPTC! photoshoptraining...

Create motion from still images using the Ken Burns Effect in Photoshop. #Photoshop #tutorial #photography #3D #PSD #CS6 photoshoptraining...

Top 10 Photoshop Tips! #psd #tips #Photoshop #photography #tutorial #training photoshoptraining...

Great technique to swap faces In Photoshop! Match skin tones with one click! #Photoshop #Tutorial #photography

Enhancing Eyes In Photoshop. photoshoptraining... #Photoshop #Eyes

Snowman Holiday Illustration In Photoshop Tutorial #Photoshop #Tutorial #Snowman #Holiday #Illustration #Video

Create a furry text effect in Photoshop. #photoshop #typography #text #tutorial

Create a realistic transparent alien egg in Photoshop. #photoshop #tutorial #egg #alien #transparent #effect

Recreate the Bourne Legacy movie poster in Photoshop. #photoshop #tutorial #effect #movie #howto