Fashion 1870s & 1880s

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The end of the Victorian Era for women's dress. That means button up boots, bustles and corsets. Mostly primary, some secondary and a lot of shoes.
Evening dress by the House of Worth in 1882. The Met.

Evening dress House of Worth (French, Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne Paris) Date: ca. 1882 Culture: French Medium: silk Front 2 umm this is probably going to be the dress I choose :)

Shoes 1870s | American or European | The Met

Blue thou art, intensely blue; Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue Dress AA 1869 Boots Met 1870 Bonnet LACMA 1845 Aqua satin shoes with silver braid, c. 1770 The Charleston Museum Dress Met 1873

Woman's Tennis Dress England, circa 1885 | LACMA Collections

Bustled tennis gown, cotton, with a lightweight hoop bustle, ankle-length skirts, and pockets to hold tennis balls.

Madame Warren's ca. 1885 | Corset | American | The Met

Corset Date: ca. 1885 Culture: American Medium: cotton, metal, bone, silk Dimensions: Length at CF (a): 16 in.

Hattat Frères | Shoes ca. 1880 | French | The Met

Shoes Hattat Frères Date: ca. 1880 Culture: French Medium: silk Dimensions: 2 x 5 in. x 14 cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Edith J. Evans, 1929 Accession Number: b