Never stop laughing (:

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Babysitting Spiderman…

Funny pictures about Babysitting Spiderman. Oh, and cool pics about Babysitting Spiderman. Also, Babysitting Spiderman.

ha yes

This is so true. Makes me feel sad that I seriously have to change the channel. Can't watch, it is the worst commercial ever!


Honest Pattinson

Her acting. oh my I love the Twilight books but her acting killed the movies :(


I can’t stay…

This is why women live longer. The truth is that men don't want to live as long.


I hate parents who don't care about their kids. You know that she don't know the condition of her kid and enjoying bike riding. Funny fail parenting of the day that will shock you.

hahah chemistry

"How I feel, after putting the kids to bed." LotR and parenting.

lol my life right now

Funny pictures about How to make your own Pitbull song. Oh, and cool pics about How to make your own Pitbull song. Also, How to make your own Pitbull song.


The Amanda Show Totally Kyle! - totally watched this episode yesterday on tv!this is my life.